My name is Shuyb Hendricks, and if we haven’t officially met, I’m the guy wearing the ABPhotoZA cap, snapping pictures when you’re all sweaty and breathless; pushing yourself to achieve that PB.

This is my photography journey.

My interest in photography started over 20 years ago. My first camera was a 35mm Pentax and I still have the piles of photo albums to show for it. But like everyone else, my priorities changed when I started a family and entered the corporate world.

Fast forward about 15 years…

My brother is a photojournalist and his determination to pursue his career stirred up my interest in photography again. Shooting seascapes, family holidays and school events were the obvious photography options, as it involved me spending time with my family.  The ABPhotoZA name was chosen; and the Facebook and Instagram pages followed shortly afterwards.

By now, my wife had started running and I took up cycling. With our new hobby addictions, making time for photography was difficult but the constant increase in social media followers encouraged me to continue. My wife began entering races, and while cheering her along the route I began taking photos of her and other runners. The gees during these races was exhilarating and the gratitude received for capturing runners was very inspiring.  As I attended more events, runner’s felt more comfortable with me, and this added to the gees on race day.

My interaction with my audience – whether its running with them to take a selfie, standing on a hill cheering them on or wearing a disguise, encourages them to respond, and that’s when I capture that perfect split second moment.
This highlighted a photography service that was lacking in the running community – a professional service that could create a stronger brand presence and that will entice runners to enter these events, whilst at the same benefiting the event sponsors and it’s supporters.

My first photography proposal was presented towards the end of 2018, and since then we’ve grown into a team a 3 photographers covering various sporting events, from 10km races to 42km marathon events. My photos have been posted in various magazines, websites, newsletters and more recently, in the Women’s Health. Other sporting events that I’ve had the privilege of covering includes the Cape Town Marathon Coaches & Athletes Workshop, the SRBFC 5 day Super 7’s Football Festival and the Woolworths Triathlon.

Because of our quality service, we have also been entrusted to photograph corporate events, document festive celebrations, and to showcase the opening of food stores.

I’m passionate about photography and love meeting my audience. Come over and say Hello next time you see me.

I’m the guy with the camera


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